Fresh Casino privacy policy

Fresh Casino privacy policy can be read at the casino’s website. All the information in this guide aims to explain the casino’s privacy policy and make it simpler for guests to understand.

  1. All the personal data of Fresh Casino players is controlled and processed by The Galaktika N.V. Company.
  2. The personal data is protected by The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) terms that prevent any illegal practices on the website.
  3. Fresh Casino utilizes users’ data to:
    • Provide and improve its services.
    • Maintain accounts and track users’ experiences.
    • Communicate with users, answer any questions, and reply to any comments.
    • Notify users about rewards, bonuses, special offers, and services.
    • Transfer winnings and operate withdrawals.
  4. Fresh Casino may share personal data to third parties, affiliated companies, or business partners. The casino makes sure that the third parties follow the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) principles. The casino shares data with other parties to ensure that the provided services are of high quality and the casino’s processes run effectively.
  5. The Users’ Rights
    • The user can send a request to the casino to correct, update or delete the personal data.
    • Data processing can be restricted if the user finds out that the processing is inaccurate or illegal or the user does not agree with deleting or changing personal data.
    • Users can stop their personal data processing until they check if the processing is legal or not.
    • The casino should inform the users if any personal data will be stored and how long the storage will be.
    • The casino is obliged to inform the users about the purposes of data collection and processing if they asked to.
    • Users can submit a complaint to the EU Organization of the European Data Protection Supervisor if they find out that the casino violates any rules in order to protect their data.
  6. The User’s Obligations
    • The users are completely responsible for providing accurate and complete personal information and if any changes occurred to this data, they must update their information.
    • If any violation(s) of their personal data by third parties, the users must notify the website.
    • If the user does not approve any of the data processing purposes or want to terminate the processing, he/she can send a request to the casino.
  7. The Casino’s Rights
  8. The casino has the right to:

    • Terminate its relationship with the user if the latter does not approve the data processing.
    • Perform data protection changes without notifying or consent from the users.
    • Restrict data processing by third parties.
  9. The Casino’s Obligations
    • The casino has to inform the users about any corrections of deletion to their personal data.
    • The casino has to inform the users about the third parties who receive their information if they asked to.
    • If the user asked for the stored personal data, the casino has to provide a copy in a structured format.
    • If there is any violation, the casino has to inform the supervisory authorities within 72 hours without delay and the users about the violation.
  10. The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC) as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC must be followed by the casino. Also, EU legislation of Data Protection and Processing must be followed too.
  11. The casino uses the 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is the most advanced technology used in most legal and financial organizations to protect the users’ transactions and financial information.
  12. By signing up, the users agree that Fresh Casino can use personal data for marketing purposes including email marketing. At any time, they can unsubscribe from the casino’s mailing list. Also, uses can choose not to receive any emails from the casino while registering. It is highly recommended to keep receiving emails from the casino since they usually talk about promotions, special offers, and bonuses. Users who choose not to receive these emails usually miss a lot of opportunities.
  13. NetEnt is one of the casino’s gaming providers and its Privacy policy is applied along with the casino’s policy when users play NetEnt slot machines.
  14. If the user wants to view, make changes, delete, or update his/her personal data, he/she can submit a request to the casino via [email protected]. Also, the user can submit a request to check whether his/her personal data is safe or not.
  15. While submitting any request, the user has to submit an identity confirmation.
  16. The casino has the right to charge fees for excessive and/or unreasonable requests, duplicate requests, or requests for additional copies of the same data.
  17. The casino has the right to refuse excessive and/or unreasonable requests.
The site is for informational purposes only. does not accept deposits and does not conduct real money games.