Best Bonuses in Fresh Casino

Fresh Casino bonuses are all about giving players a competitive advantage from the moment they choose to play. Canadian players find the value from these gifts incredibly exciting. The presents offer an exciting approach to free spins and deposit matches. Here is what you can expect.

The Fresh Welcome Bonus

Similar to other casinos, the welcome bonus at Fresh Casino combines free spins and match deposits. The difference that this casino makes is its approach to how they are spread out. It is available for the first five deposits to kick start gaming.

Most fascinating is the bounty that a player can choose with their first deposit. This first bonus considers how much a new player is willing to risk and the potential return they can receive. It includes:

  1. Red Welcome Bonus – Red often means danger, but in this case, it stands for courage. With this bonus, players receive a 100% match on their first deposit from CAD200 and up to 200 free spins. The maximum amount is CAD2,000. The wagering requirement for it is 40, while for the free spins, it is 35.
  2. Yellow Welcome Bonus – Yellow is the midpoint for the welcome gifts, increasing the match deposit to 150%, with the first deposit being CAD30 and above, with up to 100 free spins. The maximum amount is CAD 300. Wagering requirements for match and free spins are the same as the red one.
  3. Green Welcome Bonus – Green is the third option and is ideal for beginners. Players receive a 200% match of a minimum deposit from CAD20. The maximum amount is CAD50, maintaining the exact wagering requirements as the red and yellow.

The Second Level of Welcome Bonuses

The Red, Yellow and Green bonuses are just the beginning of the new casino presents you will receive when you begin playing at Fresh Casino. There are four more welcome options from the second deposit, and they are:

  • Second Deposit – Choose between 100% match bonus or 50 free spins.
  • Third Deposit – Choose between a 50% match bonus or 40 free spins.
  • Fourth Deposit – Choose between a 50% match bonus or 30 free spins.
  • Fifth Deposit – Choose between a 25% match bonus or 25 free spins.

These four casino options can be accessed with a deposit of at least CAD20.

Try a Fresh Casino Cocktail

Once a player has taken up all of these bonuses, things go up a notch, and a Fresh Casino party can kick-off. This is because you can choose one of three best casino presents cocktails anytime you make a deposit. These are:

  • Mojito – Deposit at least CAD20 and receive a 10% match as well as 10 free spins. The maximum amount is CAD400.
  • Daiquiri – you receive a 15% match and 15 free spins with a minimum deposit of CAD30.
  • Long Island – it’s gives you a 20% match on deposit and 20 free spins with a minimum deposit of CAD40.

These casino bonuses Canada are available every day. However, if you want even more, the Fresh Mix casino gift is available once a week. It offers a 35% match and 35 free spins, with a maximum deposit amount of CAD200.

Bonuses from Loyalty at Fresh Casino

At Fresh Casino, the more you play, the bigger the benefits that you can receive. For example, every year on your birthday, receive up to CAD1000 in credit depending on how they played through the year. This is a fantastic way for you to celebrate with a casino that appreciates every single gameplay.

To claim the birthday present, players need to reach out to the customer support team. The option is awarded as follows:

  1. Light – CAD20
  2. Mild – CAD40
  3. Classic – CAD60
  4. Grand – CAD100
  5. Cool – CAD200
  6. Intense – CAD 300
  7. Strong – CAD 400
  8. Elite – CAD 500
  9. Fresh – CAD 1000

There are lots of different bonuses that you can choose from when at Fresh Casino. You will not find any no deposit casino bonuses. Instead, you can explore the games in demo mode and figure out tips and tricks for gameplay before you wager real money. Each time you make a deposit, you can choose to gain an advantage with one of the other.

The free casino bonuses that offer spins allows all players to try out some of the latest online slots from brilliant software providers. This keeps the risk low as players determine whether they want to stick to their old favourites or bravely plunge into new options.

Every time you are on Fresh Casino, select a bonus as part of your gameplay. There are no promo codes required, and you stand the chance of significantly increasing your winnings.

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